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Our Mission is to develop an economically profitable, globally respected green facility where individuals can meet, learn, create, promote and showcase creative & innovative ideas, products and skills.

We are building on a strong sense of values:
We aspire to create a cohesive facility where day and night activities and uses are provided for local enterprises, residents, tourists and collaborators.

We are commited to environmentally sound practices in the restoration, operation and maintenance of the property.

We wish to inspire the develoment of integration between commerce, culture and community.

We believe in preserving and enhancing the historical value of the property;
to connect with the past gives meaning to the present.

We believe in finding innovative solutions for a sustainable future through collaborative partnerships and alliances.

Our confidence in the success of this project is fueled by the many proven models found in other communities.

We are committed to pursuing quality in design & technical standards for all building renovations and restorations, amenities and programming.

The members of our community are exploring the heart of creation and the soul of innovation.

We are a safe, considerate environment for the exploration of ideas.