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Alternative Theatre Works, a professional theatre co-op based in Stratford, will directly benefit from “Setting the Scene” as students design and construct complete staging for Alternative Theatre Works upcoming fall productions of 3 Plays After by celebrated Irish playwright, Brian Friel.

“Alternative Theatre Works is thrilled to be the beneficiary of the Off The Wall staging courses,” states a press release.

The three one-act plays: The Yalta Game, The Bear, and Afterplay will be presented Sept. 5 through Oct. 11 at Factory163 in Stratford.

“This collaboration is a gift to us, and a natural step forward for both organizations” says Peggy Coffey, one of the founding members of the Alternative Theatre Works. Alternative Theatre Works is also forging a unique relationship with the University of Windsor this year.

Lionel Walsh, the director of the School of Dramatic Art at the university will be directing Afterplay and three students from the University of Windsor’s theatre program will be with working with both Off the Wall and Alternative Theatre Works.

Alternative Theatre Works will be featuring some of Canada’s finest talent in the upcoming Friel plays.

Tyrone Savage, Andrew Gillies and Robert King – all members of this year’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival company – will be featured along with Peggy Coffey and Llyandra Jones. Lionel Walsh, Suzanne Turnbull and Peggy Coffey are directing and Stephen Degenstein is the designer.